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Precise Watering Reduces Costs Of Water, Chemicals, Energy and Maintenance

Even though greenhouses use various methods to reduce water usage, incorporating OASIS can always result in an additional reduction of water usage. With OASIS water savings of up to 50%, CHEMICALS, ENERGY AND MAINTENANCE are usually reduced by the same percentage. By reducing your water, chemicals, energy and maintenance usage, your production costs are lower allowing profits to be higher.

OASIS as a Method to Reduce the Use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

“As a grower, I have been able to successfully use OASIS to greatly reduce the use of plant growth regulators on petunias. First I had to prove, for myself, that OASIS was able to precisely and uniformly maintain the soil moisture of all of the baskets on the line. Having proven this, I was confident that with OASIS I would be able to keep my baskets dry without losing any plants due to under watering. Since I knew that keeping petunias dry would slow their growth, on one basket line I set the OASIS target weight to 5 pounds (may vary depending on cultivar) for the 12” baskets and ran them through OASIS about once a day depending on the weather and plant requirement. The moisture levels were closely monitored to ensure that the plants never got to the wilting stage. During the next 12-15 days the plant growth slowed due to the stress that the plants were experiencing. The consistency and accuracy from OASIS gave me the confidence to save money on plant regulators without sacrificing uniformity or quality. Using this method, I was able to save around $250 on PGR usage just this one time on one line.”

Reduction of Water, Chemicals, Energy is Environmentally Friendly

In some greenhouses, being more environmentally friendly is a goal of the greenhouse staff. OASIS will do its part to help accomplish this goal.

Additionally, OASIS provides greenhouses with enhanced opportunity to be environmentally certified through a state, national or global level such as the MPS certification.

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