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Game-Changing Greenhouse Irrigation Solutions

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OASIS by Control Dekk is the premier industry standard for precise water-by-weight irrigation for hanging baskets.

OASIS is revolutionizing the standard at which greenhouses automatically water hanging basket irrigation crops:


Water by Time
Countless Tabs & Switches
One Control Panel Per Line
Dripping Baskets & Wasted Water
Crop Variability and Loss


Water by Weight
One Smart Optics Sensor
One Intuitive Panel for any number of lines
Minimal drips and less water wasted
Crop Uniformity and Minimal Loss


Our standard, starting package includes:

  • OASIS modules and hardware for installation on 2” x 2” tubing
  • Variable-speed AC gear motors
  • Control panel with included 6” color touchscreen
  • Installation guide
  • Sunlight-resistant cabling for motors, switches, and valves to help simplify wiring installation
  • Free on-call tech support

What To Expect

  • Frees up grower time and provides peace of mind that baskets are intelligently watered
  • Reduces water by up to 50% by giving each basket only the water it needs
  • Creates a uniform and consistent crop
  • Saves on chemical usage
  • Controlled and monitored using the 6” color touchscreen or remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Reduces waste and negative impact on other greenhouse crops and the environment

Added Benefits

  • Makes shipping easier by having all baskets ready at the ideal shipping weight at the same time
  • Can be used as an inventory tool by displaying the number of baskets on a line via the touchscreen
  • Assists in environmental certifications through state, national, or global organizations
  • Comes with a one-year parts warranty


The module housing is constructed of a stainless steel structure and UV-rated stabilized polymer insert for longevity and durability in tough greenhouse conditions. The entire module is compact (7”x18”x6”), making it easy to install on existing conveyor lines without needing much extra space. The module contains the Smart Optics sensor and component board, which works with your existing irrigation system to control how much water each basket receives to reach the desired soil moisture content programmed by the grower.

Sensor Technology

The patented Smart Optics sensor and force sensor work together to determine if there is a basket present and whether the basket is an upper or lower basket. As the basket passes through the sensors, the weight is determined, and the basket is automatically watered to the ideal weight programmed by the grower. The sensors eliminate the need for tabs on basket hooks, as well as the need for mechanical switches. Less parts means less maintenance and need for repairs or replacements down the road.

Installation & Mounting

The OASIS module is mounted with ease to any cable conveyor line in three simple steps:

  • Mount the module housing using the included bracket assembly parts
  • Insert/slide the module’s component board into place
  • Fasten the “quick coupling” electrical connector to the component board

All mounting hardware is included, and we’re only a phone call away to guide you through the process.

Control Panel

Control panels are enclosed in durable corrosion-resistant and dust and water-tight fiberglass that can be easily mounted in any desirable location close to conveyor lines. All components are UL listed, industrial rated, and almost entirely Schneider Electric brand for superior durability, quality, and peace of mind.

Control panels include a programmable logic controller, variable speed AC controllers, and a color touchscreen (6” or 10”) that allows the user to intuitively program the OASIS system and gain at-a-glance data on basket weights, irrigation needs, inventory, and more.

Additional Features

The control panels feature short circuit protection and overload protection for all components. The included variable-speed AC gear motors are known for their longevity and are extremely low maintenance. These directly replace your existing single-speed motors.

Getting Started

1. Let's Talk

Share details about your greenhouse and needs, and we’ll discuss what OASIS configuration makes the most sense. We’ll send you a custom quote and OASIS specifications tailored to your unique situation.

2. Installation*

Once you’ve ordered your system, you can follow our easy step-by-step guide included with the product and then work with our team directly to program your lines for the ideal basket weight for your specific crops.

3. Evaluation

See the savings and benefits add up as you go through your season with OASIS. Adjust the program as necessary to achieve your highest quality crop of hanging baskets yet.

* Our team is available for onsite installation for an additional fee

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While we can’t be all things to all people, we’re committed to making our systems work for you and providing top-notch customer service along the way.