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Some trends at Cultivate’23

July 21, 2023

Cultivate’23 has come to an end last Tuesday. When visiting the show, we learned a lot about the market, the challenges, and of course we’ve seen trends. In this article, we will focus on and highlight some of the trends that we’ve seen at the show.

New varieties display

A lot of interest for the new varieties displays.

Recycled plastic

For several years, we are seeing products on display that are made of recycled plastics. Whereas recycled and recyclable plastics are a hot topic that cannot be ignored in Europe, it is still on its way up in the US. The price of these products, which is higher and which, makes growers often decide not to use them. However, interest is increasing because it is the future for plastics.

team of Ball Ingenuity

The team of Ball Ingenuity, holding kangaroo paw Celebrations, Durable Darling, and Tabletensia, Also Sunspot Rudbeckia is the highlight at Ball Ingenuity and in this picture (bottom right). Of course, more varieties were on display, like hydrangeas, Rex begonias, and more new varieties.

Saving money

Saving money is maybe a continuous trend, but with inflation and rising costs, more and more growers are looking for ways to save money. And they can save money in several ways, automation, for example, increases productivity and accuracy and also saves on labor, which is nowadays hard to find. Also, they are looking for varieties that require less fertilizers, PGRs, have a shorter cultivation time, and so on. Many of the varieties that have these habits were promoted at CAST (California Spring Trials (Click here for the highlights on display that took place in April)

C-Gen, a new on-demand CO2 generation machine

Joey Viegas, Les Grafton, and Kevin Strickland of BioTherm with C-Gen, a new on-demand CO2 generation machine.

Demand for perennials, foliage, and cactus

When hearing out the exhibitors, demand for their products is still good. Of course lower than in the covid years, but still higher than in 2019. And when looking at the outdoor plants, they see a trend toward perennials. Probably because consumers have less to spend on demand and therefore choose varieties that stay longer in the garden. Also, the foliage market still seems to be booming and cactus are doing well too.

team of Plantpeddler

The team of Plantpeddler on August 4 will organize their Plantpeddler Variety Day. Click here for more information.

Multiple uses

Plants that can be used in multiple ways also seem to become a trend. Several varieties that were on display could be used in a hanging basket but were also performing well in-ground. But also plants that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as flowers of outdoor plants that can be used indoors. Also, many of these varieties were already showcased at CAST but were also brought to Cultivate’23 to show to the visitors.

Dane Rinehart of Kientzler North America

Dane Rinehart of Kientzler North America with Coleus Terrascape Witches Brew, a brand new series. Landscape variety and the leaf color is attracting a lot of interest.

Some more plant habit trends

And of course, there was a lot of interest in the new varieties, varieties that are pollinator friends, are also eye-catching without flowers – so with variegated leaves or special-shaped leaves-, and varieties that work well in combinations not only for the consumer but also already for the grower. And as mentioned above, varieties with a shorter cultivation time and varieties that need fewer products, so are cheaper to produce.

Stay tuned for our photo report!

These are just some trends that caught the eye, but of course, there were much more. Our FloralDaily and HortiDaily teams were present to make a photo report of the show, which will be published on Friday. Have you missed our team with their camera at your booth? Feel free to send in your picture and we can add it to our photo report. Below is already an impression.

Organizers of akii Cut Flower Open Day

Wyatt Huggett, Jessica Cudnik, and Mike Huggett of American Takii. On August 16, they are organizing their Takii Cut Flower Open Day in Salinas, CA.


Len Logsdon of Control Dekk

Len Logsdon of Control Dekk in front of Genisis and their newly introduced Boom. It is easy to install, and the Boom accuracy is due to CNC. At the show, they were looking for a name for this new boom.


Scott Hanes of Benary holding Nonstop Joy Peaches & Dreams

Scott Hanes of Benary holding Nonstop Joy Peaches & Dreams, a new tuberous begonia from seed and is great for hanging baskets. The cool night temperature brings out the deeper color and is a great item for the shade.

team of Agrolux

The team of Agrolux.


Originally published by Floral Daily article here.

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