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Greenhouse Product News – OASIS: Watering By Weight

September 29, 2018


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Happy Customers, Happier Crops

"The OASIS system is the best by far; it’s flawless."

- Jake Tebos, Grower | Tebos Greenhouses Inc.
“There is water savings, but it’s more that we’re doing the right thing for the environment and for our crops.”

- Hugh Kurtz Jr., Owner/Head Grower | Kurtz Farms
"After a trial of one OASIS at the end of our 2016 season, we installed OASIS on all Echos and Boomerangs in our facility. Now I can't imagine growing without it."

- Jason DeGroot, Owner/Head Grower | Bloemenberg Growers Inc.
“The accessibility of the people at OASIS and the user friendliness of the interface are the two key points for me.”

- Zach Smith, Operations Manager | Hood’s Gardens
"OASIS basket watering systems are worth the investment to ensure product quality, productivity, and reduced stress in my life."

- Dale Buist, Owner | Countryside Greenhouse
"We're extremely happy with the OASIS watering system! It takes the guessing out of watering -- simple and accurate."

- Barry Stiffler, Owner | Barry's Ground Cover
"OASIS by Control Dekk really helped our crop quality by attaining an equal target weight after baskets were hung."

- Kevin van Wingerden, Grower | Pacific Growers

- Andy Buist, Owner/Head Grower | Micandy Gardens
"The baskets using OASIS are absolutely beautiful and noticeably stunning. You'll see a noticeable difference in your crop guaranteed."

- Zach Smith, Operations Manager | Hood's Gardens
"Quality has improved for baskets as well as for our floor crops underneath -- I am really enjoying this system!"

- Evan Schnabel, Head Grower | Hood's Gardens

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