How You Can Water Plants Based On Basket Weight

Hanging Basket Green House Grower

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Control Dekk has developed a patented automated watering system that can be implemented with greenhouse hanging basket lines. The Oasis is designed to reduce water use by up to 50% by giving each basket only the water it needs for optimum growth.

Oasis is installed on new or existing greenhouse hanging basket lines. The grower sets the pre-determined weight desired for correct plant watering via a local controller, an office PC, or a mobile device. As each basket passes through the Oasis module, its weight is determined. The smart controller opens the proper water valve for only the time necessary to achieve the grower’s target basket weight.

The Oasis module is equipped with a Smart Optics sensor that determines if there is a basket present on the hook and whether it is an upper or lower basket. The Oasis system design eliminates the need for tabs on basket hooks and mechanical switches.

The Oasis control panel’s major components include:
• A programmable logic controller
• Variable speed controls
• A 6-inch color user interface that intuitively allows the user to navigate the available functions via the touch screen
• All controls are enclosed in a durable, corrosion-resistant enclosure that can be mounted in any desired area within close proximity to the hanging basket lines.

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