Superior Hanging Baskets

Superior Hanging Baskets

Consistency Improves Basket Quality

Consistent and high quality product is important to ensure plants can be sold.

Identical baskets, even on the same line, need differing amounts of water as they are exposed to different air flow, temperatures and sunlight. All of these factors impact moisture loss and between watering, these factors cause the weight to vary from basket to basket.

OASIS can determine the weight of each basket then add the amount of water necessary to obtain the weight that the grower has determined to be optimal. By watering and growing each hanging basket at its optimum moisture level, plants are more uniform and of better quality. This can lead to higher sales and less waste.

In addition, OASIS provides feedback information that can be monitored and documented for evaluating plant quality improvements. This information can be used to improve the current basket quality as well as to improve basket quality from year to year.

Case Study

Examination of baskets grown using the timed watering method has shown that there are often large weight differences between baskets. One test showed basket weights varying from 3 to 6 pounds each, indicating a huge difference in soil moisture. OASIS evened out the basket weights after just one pass.

Documenting the inconsistent basket weights of conventional watering along with demonstrating the watering consistency of OASIS has opened growers’ eyes. Upon reviewing the results in their greenhouse, some have expressed audible disbelief.

Grower Experience

“The plant quality was great and uniform. “

“Because of the consistency of the system, Countryside has had zero crop loss.”

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