OASIS Custom is the ideal solution to add the only continuous precision watering by weight technology on the market, plus the best variable speed control for any overhead basket watering system. All spec’d to your operation’s unique needs.

We have diligently accommodated the specific needs and requirements of various teams and various facilities. We will do the same for you!

  • Growing Staff

    Your growing staff choses the best methods and locations for monitor and control (touch screens, hand held devices, site PCs, off site access).

  • Maintence Staff

    Your maintenance staff determines the best locations for control hardware.

  • IT Staff

    Your IT finds the best networking practices and provides the solutions.

  • Assistance

    Control Dekk provides the assistance and the solutions to make it happen.

  • Construction

    Control panels are constructed of durable fiberglass which is corrosion resistant, dust tight and moisture tight. (NEMA 4X)

  • Modules

    Weigh modules are compact (7” x 18” x 5”). The modules and their installation hardware are constructed of stainless steel and UV-stabilized polymers for superior durability and long life.

  • Hardware

    Power and control hardware by Schneider Electric is industrial quality for superior durability and long life.

  • Installation

    The installation design, clear instructions specific to your install along with our free offsite assistance simplifies the installation and wiring of OASIS. Onsite installation and/or assistance from Control Dekk is available for an additional charge.


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