Reduced Grower Labor

Superior Hanging Baskets

Minimizing Grower Labor While Obtaining Optimum Soil Moisture

Conventionally, many hanging baskets are hung from pipes placed throughout the greenhouse. When the grower determines that the baskets need water, a valve is activated, watering the entire line for a set time using incorporated drip lines.

Other facilities have cable conveyors from which baskets are hung. When the grower determines the baskets need water the conveyor is started. As each basket passes a single watering station, a switch is activated that causes that basket to be watered for a set time.

One challenge with both of these methods is that it is labor-intensive to determine when watering is needed and then to determine how much water (seconds of water) is needed to reach good soil moisture.

With its patented weighing technology, OASIS eliminates the need to manually check the weight of baskets. As the basket travels through the OASIS module, its weight is defined. Next, OASIS compares the basket weight with the grower’s desired weight and determines if watering is necessary. Then, if watering is needed, OASIS calculates how much water is required and applies only the amount necessary to reach the optimum soil moisture.

Knowing that all baskets on the line are going to be watered to exactly the same weight takes a lot of stress off the grower.

A Grower’s Experience

A grower, responsible for baskets on 29 OASIS lines, related his experience as “saving my butt” during an exceptionally busy 2017 growing season. He estimated a time savings of using the OASIS basket watering to be approximately 20 hours per week compared to previous years without OASIS.

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